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The data science field is growing with terminology, a confluence of terms from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and software engineering. In extension, the language of data science grows very quickly.
If you’re just beginning with data science, you’re expected to learn a lot of new terminologies. That’s where a data science lexicon comes in. I’ve gathered a list of data science terms here.
In this article, I’ll present you with a brief lexicon of terms surrounding data science including AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The list below consists of the 60 terms, alphabetical order.


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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Dataset
  3. Libraries
  4. Data Preprocessing
  5. Data Augmentation
  6. Model
  7. Training
  8. Evaluation
  9. Testing


India is an area of diversity not only in culture but also in food. India is agricultural land, where 75% of the Indian population is relay on agriculture. Wheat is a big source of minerals such as selenium and magnesium. Some nutrients are necessary for good health. Leaf rust damages the wheat leaf most. The fungal disease, viral disease, and there are so common.

Features of wheat diseases, it has been observed that wheat disease essentially focuses on wheat leaves and can be identified by Deep Learning and computer…

Lakshay Goyal

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